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A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard mattresses

One of the most recognised and respected bedding manufacturers in the country, A.H. Beard has carved its own niche in the Australian market. It does so with a combination of old-fashioned hand crafted methods, commitment to service and the latest in cutting-edge technology.

The firm understands that people have a variety of preferences when it comes to bedding and manufactures a wide range of mattresses to suit every need.

Recently inducted into the Family Business Hall of Fame, the company is proudly Australian owned and run. It employs hundreds of highly skilled Australian workers to deliver high quality mattresses and also supports local and community businesses.

A.H. Beard is the manufacturer of the famous Domino Mattress Range

The history of A.H. Beard is a long and distinguished one and synonymous with the Aussie battler story so prevalent in our country’s history. The company, now one of the most recognised quality bedding manufacturers in the country, started out in 1899 and has built a reputation as a proudly Australian quality brand. This has been achieved through its service to its customers and commitment to quality throughout its 113 years of history.

The firm prides itself on its commitment to its customers and its distinguished handmade and cutting edge bedding technology. The company is one of the few bedding manufacturers which successfully combine old hand crafted techniques with the latest in technology built on years of research. These form just two of a number of characteristics which make the company a stand out amongst Australian bedding businesses.

Family run

The company has a rich family story which spans four generations of Australians. Originally started in 1899 as The Australian Bedding Mill, which made handmade straw paillasses and tufted horsehair bedding, the company was resurrected by son Albert in 1926 after the original site burnt to the ground.

The years following saw the company embrace modern technology and eventually become a truly Australia-wide operation with the acquisition of a number of existing brands, including the famous 90-year-old bedding firm Domino. The business completed a full national operations and distribution coverage with the acquisition of Sleep Haven in 2008.  

The rest is Australian bedding manufacturer’s history as the company established itself as one of Australia’s most popular quality mattress makers. The inaugural winner of the Australian Family Business of the Year in 1999, A.H. Beard closed the circle when it was inducted into the Hall of Fame at a gala event in November 2012.

The achievement not only recognised the company’s standard of excellence as a family-run firm but also its significant contribution to the Australian economy and positive contribution to local communities and culture. The award was accepted by fourth generation Chairman Garry Beard and Director Allyn Beard who spoke of the company’s long journey which owed its remarkable success to its “...commitment to manufacturing mattresses and bedding products of the highest quality”.

Australian owned

A.H. Beard is proud to be an Australian success story. Not only does this mean it is Australian run but also that it employs hundreds of highly skilled Australian employers to deliver high quality mattresses. The company is also firmly committed to supporting local business and manufacturers.

Delivers quality sleep

No-one understands the need for a quality sleep better than A.H. Beard and no-one works harder to deliver that goal. The company understand that, in this day and age of hectic living, a quality mattress that delivers relaxation and a proper night’s sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing.

The bedding to achieve this goal is handmade and combines the age-old art of craftsmanship with the latest in technological breakthroughs. Concentrating on comfort and support the famous Domino mattress has been serving Australians with the finest innerspring technology for over 100 years.

Understands individual tastes

A.H. Beard understand that, as people are different, so too are their preferences for mattresses. Some prefer a firm mattress for solid support, others a more soft bedding and others have a preference for one that is “in-between” in firmness. The company delivers a range of quality mattresses to suit a variety of customer needs and preferences.

Each mattress is built to the highest of standards and is backed by a 10 year guarantee. Aus Furniture is proud to be associated with this company and stocks a range of the bedding firm’s mattresses in a variety of styles and firmness to suit individual tastes. The company’s legendary mattresses can be bought through our new online store or viewed or purchased at our Sydney showroom.

Let us help you gain that all important excellent night’s sleep through our range of A.H. Beard mattresses. The Family Business Australia gala annual event held in November recognised the effort and care that the company puts into manufacturing its mattresses and the great service that it provides to its customers. As the firm’s website states: “Our rich history is sewn into every bed we make”.

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Author: Raul Aiello

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