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Domino Mattresses

Domino Mattresses

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Domino Mattresses by A.H.Beard Bedding

The superb Domino mattress covers all bases when it comes to a good night’s sleep. In the feature range of sleep specialists A.H. Beard, the Domino is a byword for comfort and relaxation. It draws on over 100 years of experience, modern technology and traditional bedding craftsmanship to deliver quality time and again.

The company understands that comfort to one person may mean something completely different to another. So whether you prefer a soft mattress, or one with a more full support, the famous Domino will give you that variety and quality to suit your own sleeping preference.

Domino Mattresses an introduction to comfort and quality.

The Domino brand has led the way in style, quality and craftsmanship making it one of the premier bedding ranges in Australia. Quality, experience and years of research and development are the trademarks of this line making it one of the “go to” brands to ensure comfort and a good night’s sleep.

However the company’s versatility is also an important feature. The firm understands the varying needs of customers and provides a range of designs and support levels to suit individual needs.

Some people may prefer a soft quilted mattress style while others may need firm support to be comfortable. Others again may opt for a medium support level, which is somewhere between the two. The range of designs balances comfort and support and the company provides a Domino to accommodate all of these varying preferences.

Serving generations of Australians since 1911, the firm draws on all its years of experience to deliver bedding that is both stylish and well-made and also built to last. Backed by parent company A. H. Beard’s ten year warranty, the firm’s exceptional quality craftsmanship is built into each mattress. Each is carefully checked by quality control to ensure that it reaches the high standards the company sets.

As well as the commitment the firm makes to its customers through its emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, the company also makes use of the very latest in bedding technology. This includes the Profile Edge Support Technology which provides edge-to-edge support across the length and breadth of the mattress, and a latex and Performa foam finish which is available in a range of comfort designs for that individual touch.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep says the company and having quality bedding in the level of support you require is such an important factor in achieving this. Trusted by generations of Australians, Domino is not just one of the leading brands but also one of the more recognisable.

Aus-Furniture is proud to be associated with this firm and offers a variety of quality products from this brand. These are available for purchase from our new online shop and at our Sydney showroom.

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Author: Raul Aiello

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