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La-Z-Boy furniture has long been synonymous with quality comfortable and innovative products.

From the original La-Z-Boy recliner to today’s wide range of designs and styles the famous brand has continued to be at the forefront of the quality furniture market.

It is now one of the most recognisable brands in the country and has grown to provide the finest in comfortable chair and lounge designs to suit every taste.

Relax and enjoy the comfort of their recliners and other quality items and discover what it means to be the lucky owner of an item of La-Z-Boy furniture.

Created in a timeless style that puts the user’s needs first, La-Z-Boy furniture has acquired a reputation for style, comfort, luxury and durability. For generations now the firm’s choice of quality chairs and lounges has given it a solid reputation amongst Australian customers. An item of La-Z-Boy furniture is something that will give any home a stylish lift and give the user years of comfortable wear. As well as using the best materials and a commitment to premier construction methods, the firm delivers furniture which features the best in wear-tested fabrics and new, innovative styles.

However when we look a little more closely we find a range of features that help make this a stand out company in the Australian quality furniture market.

Any company looking to be a success in the quality furniture market in Australia needs to have a commitment to excellent construction techniques and combine this with the finest in fabrics. Here La-Z-Boy is second to none in its range of fine chairs and lounges. Take the firm’s famous La-Z-Boy recliner as a prime example.

The firm’s earliest reclining chair was made in 1929 and the company has been perfecting them ever since. Fast forward to today when La-Z-Boy recliners are a byword for quality-finished style, comfort and relaxation. The secret is in the innovative design and construction methods which offer comfort and flexibility and a reclining mechanism which the company claims is the world’s best. The firm is so confident that its recliner mechanism is the finest technology available that they offer customers a lifetime guarantee. No other company in the world is believed to offer the same unlimited protection.

The firm matches its innovative approach to reclining mechanisms with quality fabrics and superior comfort levels which support the whole body. Their superior design and style and attention to detail is what keeps this company one step ahead of the pack.

La-Z-Boy recliners come with a wide range of choice. Not only is the quality, durability and comfort guaranteed but the customer is able to choose from a number of different styles. The customer is a also able to choose between a number of reclining options from a basic mechanism which offers full reclining options to the more premium model which automatically adjusts the chair’s function to  to suit the length of the user’s leg. This mechanism is designed to provide the user with a smooth, soothing rocking motion. To ensure that the recliner is a genuine La-Z-Boy article, gently lift the footrest. The La-Z-Boy recliner is the only one with a three-step position. Proof again of the company’s superior craftsmanship!

Choice of style is also a trademark of the firm’s other chairs and lounges. The company provides designs in a range from classic to modern which gives customers that all important choice to suit every room and setting.

The company understands that each customer is unique with different tastes and needs in comfort, luxury and style. This is the inspiration behind the flexibility in La-Z-Boy recliners. Purchasers of the chair are able to tailor the one that suits their needs best. From versatility to the informative La-Z-Boy gallery the firm is famous for its customer care policy.

However the company goes further in looking after its customers. Many doctors now agree that certain types of back pain are best alleviated by recliners. By providing the finest of its type, La-Z-Boy recliners are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for its back and lumbar support. The fact that reclining eases stress is also acknowledged by many health practitioners as promoting relaxation is also a key factor in the firm’s commitment to — not only the comfort — but the health of its customers.

When you shop for a chair or lounge, settee or recliner you want the best. An item of furniture that will guarantee you comfort, style and support for many years. La-Z-Boy furniture offers you that guarantee and at a reasonable price. Perhaps you look for a brand that has delivered comfort and quality down through generations of satisfied customers? La-Z-Boy furniture has those timeless qualities and a longstanding commitment to customer care. Looking to redesign your home? Why not look at La-Z-Boy furniture and find out how they can help update your rooms and settings?

Aus Furniture is delighted to bring you a selection of the company’s superb range of chairs and lounges. Search on this page to find the wide range of La-Z-Boy furniture on our new website or you can visit our showrooms for a closer look. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff here should you have any questions.