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Quality, craftsmanship and style: the Moran Furniture trademark

The Victorian-based Moran Furniture Pty Ltd has built a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship and quality. With over a million items sold in over three decades of operations, the company has cemented its position as one of the most recognisable quality furniture manufacturers in Australia.

It is part of the Moran Furniture ethos that each item is individually crafted, using classic and timeless construction methods and high quality materials rather than the mass production techniques used by many other furniture makers. The firm follows the principle that furniture should be made as long-lasting and relaxing as possible, with full support so the user need not have to “wriggle around” to get comfortable.

The company insists that, while other furniture companies may concentrate on speed of output, Moran employees are encouraged to take their time to produce the completed article. This produces the distinctive style and finish of Moran furniture, with an emphasis on customer comfort and furniture longevity.

To quote from the website: “Our people don’t race to do their job fast. They strive to do it best.”

A closer look inside Moran furniture construction methods gives a further insight into the company’s determination to put the customer first. More specifically, Moran Furniture points to “five points of difference” between themselves and their competitors.

The ‘five points of difference’

1. Genuine eight-way, hand-tied springs

One of the secrets to Moran Furniture’s comfort is the way the luxury items are sprung. Nothing less than genuine hand-tied springs in eight positions are required for a “cocoon” of comfort for the user. Each spring links to another to give the user a unique sense of comfort and buoyancy.

As the firm points out these aren’t new techniques but old tried-and-true methods which in many cases have fallen by the wayside in furniture as companies seek to take short cuts to increase their profit margins. While certainly labour intensive, the method has been used throughout history to produce quality furniture. Where certain designs do not allow the use of the eight-way hand-tied springs, Moran uses tempered steel Memory springs.

2. Spring cell cushions

Not only do these specially made spring cell cushions add extra comfort but each spring is also encased in calico pockets and embedded in the world’s finest foam to prevent squeaking. This is then covered in premium quality bonded fibre before being upholstered in quality leather or other material. The end result is you receive more than a sofa when you purchase one from Moran Furniture. You now “...possess a calm retreat and a welcoming refuge from stress”, according to the company.

3. Correct Lumbar Support

One of the key purposes of a good sofa or chair is that it provides good lumbar support. Moran Furniture believe strongly that comfort and good back support should be the key experiences of sitting on one of their sofas. Accordingly the company’s sofas are ergonomically designed to provide full support for your lower back. This is aided by special springs behind the knees to give vital support to the sciatic nerves.

4. Kiln Dried, Close Grain Hardwood Timber

Computer-controlled cutting of the close-grain, kiln dried hardwood to ensure a precise join forms the basis of the Moran Furniture quality structurally engineered frame. The frame is glued, double dowelled, screwed and corner blocked to prevent twisting and bending in future years.

5. Premium leathers and fabrics

Moran Furniture upholstery coverings are selected for their quality and durability and ability to withstand years of wear. One hundred percent leather is used for leather coverings. Designed for their durability and luxury look, the coverings are made to withstand the rigours of Australian domestic and commercial life.

Serving customers’ needs

Owner John Moran’s five decades’ experience in the furniture industry, starting when he completed his apprenticeship and began what was to become Moran Furniture, has given him an understanding of the needs of quality furniture customers. John knows that, by employing time-honoured methods of construction, the company’s furniture will provide not only a luxurious design, but one that will last for years.

John also believes in adding extra, superbly-designed detail to the hand-crafted furniture with piping, arm caps, matched patterns, exclusive fabrics from overseas mills, as well as specialty European leathers.

The company’s ethos is very much to provide the finest item of furniture possible, made with care and attention to detail, with the product’s longevity, luxury design and customer’s comfort uppermost in mind. According to the company’s website: “In short, Moran believes good objects are designed with honesty and integrity. This then provides comfort and everlasting value.”

To discover this world of luxury design and comfort that Moran Furniture offers, just click through our navigation pictures for individual information and prices. For more information about Moran Furniture, please contact us through our helpline on 1300 644 122 or