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Sealy PosturePremier

Sealy PosturePremier

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Sealy PosturePremier Mattresses

Gaining the right balance between comfort and support is the key to a good night’s sleep. Although Sealy’s famous Posturepedic mattresses have lead the way in these criteria as well as adding that extra touch of luxury through a full range of features.

Sealy PosturePremier beds are also famous for  providing outstanding support and comfort through the use of PostureTech® technology — which senses and responds to the body’s weight — but they also provide outstanding value for many years of wear. For that wonderful night’s sleep at a price you can afford, try the Sealy PosturePremier range of beds.

The name Sealy has long been associated with excellent mattresses in Australia with the company dominating the quality bedding market in the country. Many decades of experience as a furniture company combined with years of research as part of the Sealy company has gone into the development of a number of premium brands. The flagship brand is the famous Sealy Posturepedic range of mattresses which have set the standard for comfort, support and durability.

Getting that balance between comfort and support for your back is very important however other key needs are long lasting wear and value for money. Sealy’s PosturePremier range of mattresses offers these and more through its exciting blend of technology and traditional Sealy quality workmanship.

The PosturePremier mattresses are versatile, supporting slat and platform foundations to adapt to any need for comfort and style choices in the bedroom. The premium fibres and foams offer a range of comfortable options and the StayTrue technology means there is no need to turn the mattress.

Sealy’s famous PostureTech ST coil (which senses the body’s weight and responds accordingly) is a key comfort feature. The coil provides six turns for additional conformance to the body’s shape. Advanced support — a feature of Sealy mattresses — is provided by a sturdy foundation which gives stability and which keeps comfort levels high during the life of the mattress.

For the last word on comfort, Sealy PosturePremier mattresses come with specially chosen soft-touch knits and damasks to create an indulgent sleep surface.

As with all Sealy beds, the PosturePremier is handcrafted to the company’s specifications and made in one of the five manufacturing centres in Australia. Sealy also makes its own innerspring components in Australia and quality components are used to maintain the company’s reputation as the leader in the quality bedding market.

The Sealy brand is your guarantee of quality as the technology that goes into a PosturePremier mattress is backed by the country’s leading research and development team in bedding. Each component that goes into the making of a Sealy bed has been tested by being subjected to simulated time/wear and fatigue testing; meaning the performance on each individual part of the bed is a known factor.

So if you are not looking to stretch your budget for bedding material, and don’t want to compromise on style, comfort, support and quality, try the Sealy PosturePremier range of mattresses. Backed by Sealy’s famous 10 year guarantee, you are assured of many years of excellent rest backed by cutting edge back support, the finest in comfort for your body, wonderful versatility in style and outstanding value.

Author: Raul Aiello

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