La-Z-Boy Adam Recliner

La-Z-Boy Adam Recliner

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Brand La-Z-Boy
Model Number Adam Recliner
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Additional Information

Brand La-Z-Boy
Type Recliner
Standard Features Chrome Handle
Upgrade Options Power Recline, Swivel Base
Product Name Adam
Fabric Warranty 1 Year
Frame Warranty 10 Years
Foam Warranty 10 Years
Leather Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Motor Warranty 2 Years
Lounges-Mechanism-Wty 5 Years on Finger Pull Mechanism, Limited Lifetime on Handle Mechanism
Total Width 813mm
Total Depth 978mm
Total Height 1016mm
Seat Width 559mm
Seat Depth 533mm
Seat Height 483mm

Product Options

Available in a Wide Selection of  Leathers and Upholstery Fabric.

Available in Multiple Sizes / Combinations

Available with Handle as the Following: Rocker Recliner | Non Rocking Recliner | Swivel Base Recliner | High Base Recliner

Upgrade Options: Power XR Recliner | Lift Chair

Sizes Available: Adam 2 Seater | Adam 2 Seater Reclineaway®

Sizes Available: Adam 3 Seater | Adam 3 Seater Reclineaway®

Featuring a supportive triple pillow back design, the La-Z-Boy Adam range is extremely functional as well as comfortable and is very modern in its presentation.

With slender armrests and a contemporary cast alloy handle as well as a host of options that include rocking, non-rocking, and power and more this range is sure to please anyone.

Introducing the La-Z-Boy Adam Series

The La-Z-Boy Adam series is a modern, supremely comfortable range of sofas and recliners that has been designed to appeal to anyone wanting a more modern style of recliner or sofa without sacrificing any comfort.

The Adam has been designed with a very supportive back that has a three pillow setup as well as discreet yet comfortable armrests.

The standalone recliner features a modern and durable cast alloy handle which is superior in look and feel to the standard timber handle.

The standalone recliner comes with several options including a rocker recliner, a non-rocker recliner as well as a powered recliner. For maximum practicality you can also specify the Adam as a high base recliner or with a swivel base option.

With the Adam two and three seat sofas you can specify having reclining or fixed seats. When you choose reclining seats these will also be supplied with the cast alloy handle at either end for ease of reclining and returning to the upright position.

Design Tip: Matching the Adam recliner with the Adam three seat or two seat sofa will create a contemporary and modern suite.

La-Z-Boy Recliners

La-Z-Boy is not built like any other recliner on the market, in fact the La-Z-Boy mechanism is so reliable it has been designed to deliver over 100 000 effortless reclines.

Reliability is only one part of owning a La-Z-Boy recliner. Comfort is paramount and you will be pleased to know that unlike traditional recliners, La-Z-Boy recliners are made with contour-cut foam which is long-lasting padding perfectly fitted to the specific recliner style, improving comfort and lifespan. Because no two people are made the same and everyone has different strength levels and comfort preferences, La-Z-Boy have incorporated an ingenious feature into their mechanisms which allows you to customise the backrest tension to suit. With the simple turn of the built in wingnuts placed at the base of the recliner, you can easily customise the tension needed to recline the chair to suit you perfectly. Now that is comfort.

The La-Z-Boy Difference

Unlike other recliners, the comfort settings on a La-Z-Boy are so advanced that you can choose a total of 18 unique recline angles. The unique recliner lever on La-Z-Boy Recliners is specially designed so you do not need to use any leg strength to put the footrest back to its original position like traditional recliners but rather you just pull the lever back.

With a La-Z-Boy recliner, you are sure to find a position to suit your individual requirements quickly and effortlessly. All this is great but what about warranty and after sales service? The La-Z-Boy company has been making recliners since 1929 and they continue to produce the best recliners and lift chairs in the world which guarantees you peace of mind for the life of your purchase.

Backed by a limited life-time guarantee on the mechanism, a 10 year warranty on the frame, and 3 and 1 year warranties on the Leather and Fabric respectively, the La-Z-Boy brand offers one of, if not, the best Recliner warranty on the market.

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Additional Information

Quick Overview

Warranty on Frame - 10 Years

Warranty on Components - 10 Years

Warranty on Leather - 3 Years

Warranty on Fabric - 1 Year

Warranty on Recline Mechanism - Lifetime

Warranty on Trigger Mechanism - 5 Years

Cover -  Leather or Fabric

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