King Koil

King Koil
King Koil is the Pinnacle mattress in the AH Beard range positioned at the top of their range. Built with the highest quality materials and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Produced locally in Australia and consisting of a 3 tier range, Opti Sleep least expensive, Grand Harmony as their midrange and Quartet as their premium in the range. All three families may be had as Firm, Medium or Plush comfort levels, the core differences in the three is their coil spring system, their edge support system and their comfort layer system.  Superior - Pocket springs mean no partner disturbance, Superior Plus -  Dual Reflex Spring system with edge guard support and memory foam, Luxurious - Dual Reflex spring system with helper springs, edge guard support Memory Foam and Gel-Infused Foam for greater comfort and support.
Quality Range
Superior - Opti Sleep - Conforma Coil 3 Zone Support System (Pocket Spring) 
Superior Plus - Grand Harmony - Reflex Plus Pocket Spring (Memory Foam),
Luxurious - Quartet - Reflex Max Pocket Spring plus helper springs (Memory Foam plus Gel Infused Foam)

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When it comes to choosing the perfect night's sleep it all comes down to choosing the perfect Koil!

This new range of King Koil mattresses uses the revolutionary Reflex Support System which has been designed from the ground up to provide superior comfort and support in all circumstances.

Depending on which King Koil model you choose you will enjoy the benefits of the new Reflex Advance or Reflux Plus spring system.

The Benefits of Active Coils

This new active coil technology is so advanced that it has been fully endorsed by one of the world's most respected bodies, the International Chiropractors Association.

By inserting active coils throughout the spring support system in select strategic points on the mattress King Koil has achieved a design that supports your entire body including all important pressure points.

This new design also supports individual body sizes and shapes, something that traditionally fixed zoning just can't achieve properly.

The secret is that the initial conformity is achieved the moment you lay on the mattress by the primary coils and as more weight is applied the active coils are engaged to provide correct support where it's needed most.

The bottom line is that you achieve what is widely considered to be the leading mattress design utilises active zoning in the mattress composition which allows for correct spinal support as well as overall comfort ensuring a perfect night's sleep.

Reflex Advance and Reflex Plus

To cater to all tastes and budgets the King Koil range is available with either 125 active coils or 165 active coils incorporated in the mattress design.

Whilst both choice will ensure a great night's sleep for many years to come the 165 Active coil Reflex Plus range provides even more support in key areas.

In particular problem areas like the hips and shoulders are gently cradled to minimise discomfort and the lumbar and waist are supported perfectly.

Aerocomfort Taking Support and Comfort to a Whole New Level

Aerocomfort is one of the worlds most advanced comfort technologies.

Unlike traditional comfort cores that use older fibrous materials, the revolutionary Aerocomfort is comprised of four unique elements that when utilised together will provide superior performance whilst drastically minimising body impressions from sleeping.

AH Beard is so confident in their system that they provide an industry leading 10 Year Guarantee to back up their mattresses.

Aerocomfort is composed of four Unique Elements that together work as a synergistic whole to provide benchmark comfort.

1. AeroQuilt

AeroQuilt has been designed to eliminate the requirement of using traditional fibre filled support layers. Fibre layers lose their responsiveness after a short period which results in noticeable impressions in the mattress.

AeroQuilt breathes more efficiently than traditional fibre far more resilient to those annoying body impressions.

Using an advanced state of the art manufacturing technology, Aerocomfort delivers an eco-friendly and vastly superior replacement to traditional fibre filling.

2. AeroLatex

Latex is one of the best comfort systems that you will ever sleep on. It is a completely natural product that is sourced from rubber trees.

King Koil only use perforated latex which allows cooling air to flow through the latex comfort layer so you get the best of both worlds. Pressure point relieving comfort without the heat that a traditional, not perforated latex layer would have.

3. AeroFoam

AeroFoam is the next piece in the comfort formula. High-performance open cell foam that has been engineered using advanced manufacturing and design techniques.

Furthermore, it is also perforated to allow for better airflow when sleeping. Another reason why King Koil is the leader in comfort and eco-friendly foams.

4. AeroWeb

AeroWeb is a three-dimensional fibre layer that serves an important purpose in the overall sleep experience of a King Koil mattress. It functions by creating a space between the comfort quilting layers of the mattress.

The result of this is that you get vastly superior airflow between the AeroQuilt, AeroLatex and AeroWeb layers.

People with Allergy's need look no Further

Approved by the The National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice program, all King Koil mattresses have been engineered with the specific goal of minimising allergies.

All internal components including various fabrics, foams as well as the AeroComfort layers are designed to protect from common allergens such as dust mites, bacteria and even mildew.

All of this is designed to help people with asthma and allergies to sleep well.