Lazy Boy lift chairs from Aus-Furniture Caringbah

Lazy Boy lift chairs have a long history of variety and durability in the Australian market. This continues into 2021 with some amazing new and comfort orientated features.

Allow me to break them down for you.

The budget models in the range have the simplicity of a single motor with 2-button control allowing the smooth transition of chair lowering to leg raise then back recline, the second button reverses this action.

The mid-range models add a second motor with 4-button control that allow for independent control of leg raising, back reclining and raising or lowering functions.

The latest and most adjustable models for 2021 are a 6-button control that add to the mid-range models with the ability to adjust lumbar support and headrest tilt independently. Thus, allowing for an almost infinite amount of adjustability to find the most comfortable position possible.

All Lazy Boy lift chair models are available in a very wide choice of both Fabric and Leather coverings. The fabric carries a 12-month warranty and the leather a 36-month warranty however you may choose to extend these warranties to 5 years as an optional extra. This warranty extension offer includes treatment to the covering to greatly resist staining and to even go as far as to protect against accidental damage. Our helpful staff will explain the full details and cost of this optional extra.

Lazy Boy a 70-year history of quality, durability and comfort.