Domino Mattresses

Domino Mattresses

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The Domino range provides a range of designs that balances support with comfort. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship means the Domino range is built to last and has been offering Australians a perfect night's sleep since 1911.

Interior comfort layers create an advanced support system those custom-cares for your spine. Materials such as the Performa Foam provide a plush feel to the bed and combine with other materials such as Latex to create the ultimate comfort.

Performa Edge technology offers edge-to-edge support throughout the length and breadth of your mattress, meaning a larger sleeping surface that's indulgent for singles whilst being extra-roomy for partners for a perfect night's sleep.

One of the main aims of the Domino Embassy range is to minimise partner disturbance, otherwise known as the bouncing and sagging of the bed as your partner rolls over!

This is achieved with Conforma Coil 5 Zone technology which supports the bed, individually conforming to body shape for maximum support and minimum partner disturbance.

The engineering behind the coil types in the Domino range is second to none and all are built to A.H.Beard's highest quality standards. Most importantly, every A.H.Beard mattress is backed by a full 10-year Warranty.