Moran Leather Selection

Moran Leather Selection

An Investment in Quality and Style

Beautiful leather furniture makes a confident statement of quality and style. Moran prides itself on sourcing a luxurious range of full grain leather options to ensure your bespoke Moran will be of the highest possible quality and an endless source of visual pleasure.

Rest assured that all Moran leather is 100% premium quality, upholstery grade, full grain leather.  As a natural product, hides will exhibit naturally occurring markings and variation in tone and texture. 

Each hide is individually selected to make up your order and great attention is taken with upholstery placement to thoughtfully place the visibility of natural markings.

Any unique variations of this kind are considered an endearing characteristic of full grain leather and sign of authenticity as well as an expression of the artisan crafting your personalised prestige product.

The popular leather choices are shown below.

Antica Leather

Moran Antica Leather is corrected grain leather that is individually hand rubbed back on your furniture to achieve a beautiful naturally aged appearance with an emphasis on accentuating the natural grain and upholstery details.

This range of leathers consists of traditional colours with an antiqued/aged look.

As antiqued leather ages, it will subtly lighten in colour in key contact areas, such as the seat cushions and arm rests, which further enhances its classic charm.

Antica looks superb on furniture with diamond buttoning, as the light and dark shades of the leather further enhance the diamond buttoning feature and is the popular choice on wingchairs and chesterfield sofas.

  • Antica Muscatel

    Antica Muscatel Leather Sample

  • Antica Olive

    Antica Olive Leather Sample

  • Antica Burgundy

    Antica Burgundy Leather Sample

  • Antica Shiraz

    Antica Shiraz Leather Sample

Tempus Leather

Moran Tempus is semi-aniline leather which has been created with attention to its body, fullness and silky topcoat. This makes for a luxuriously soft leather feel that still retains its exceptionally practical for everyday use.

Tempus leather contains a subtle tone-on-tone pigment effect, which adds life and extra depth of colour. Extended tumble milling of the hides in the final production process produces leather with a unique moisturised and silky-smooth finish.

  • Tempus Merangue

    Tempus Merangue Leather Sample

  • Tempus Almond

    Moran Tempus Almond Leather Sample
  • Tempus Raspberry

    Moran Tempus Raspberry Leather Sample
  • Tempus Licorice

    Moran Tempus Licorice Sample
  • Tempus Molasses

    Moran Tempus Molasses Sample
  • Tempus Malt

    Moran Tempus Malt Sample

Natura Leather

Moran Natura leather is a corrected grain leather with a luxurious soft handle that is ideal for everyday use. It is versatile leather that can be used across the complete Moran Furniture range. Naturra features UV protection and colour fastness, providing high-performance properties required to meet harsh climatic conditions.

  • Natura Cafe Noir

    Natura Cafe Noir Leather Sample

  • Natura Espresso

    Natura Espresso Leather Sample

  • Natura Latte

    Natura Latte Leather Sample

  • Natura Vanilla

    Natura Vanilla Leather Sample

Discontinued Leathers

The following leathers are discontinued and we cannot guarantee availability, please contact us if you like one of these leathers as we may have a piece in stock for sale covered in one of the leather samples below.

  • Dunbar Natural

    Dunbar Natural Leather Sample
  • Dunbar Carmine

    Dunbar Carmine Leather Sample
  • Dunbar Slate

    Moran Dunbar Slate Leather Sample
  • Dunbar White

    Moran Dunbar White Leather Sample
  • Dunbar Grey

    Dunbar Grey Leather Sample
  • Dunbar Black

    Moran Dunbar Black Leather Sample
  • Tango Latte

    Moran Tango Latte Leather Sample
  • Tango Milk

    Moran Tango Milk Leather Sample
  • Tango Mocha

    Moran Tango Mocha Leather Sample