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Sleepeezee is renowned for providing superior products at the most competitive prices. Quality, Integrity, and Years of Research & Development allow Sleepeezee to provide a truly unique offering to the retail market.

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Sleepeezee is an Australian manufacturing company that started off making mattresses and beds in Melbourne.

They have consistently been producing fantastic beds by hand for over 80 years. And have gone from strength to strength.

It is one of the most acknowledged and exceptionally well-perceived bed brands with a coveted reputation for manufacture, design, quality and innovation.

An essential characteristic of Sleepeezee beds is the sumptuous spring system consisting of individual pocket springs available on critical models.

This system contours perfectly to the shape of your body and provides independent support for you and your partner, this all ensures a perfect night's sleep.

Sleepeezee has also combined this superior spring unit with other cutting-edge sleep technologies to create the most comfortable and durable spring systems that money can buy.

Top quality materials and all natural finishes that include everything from wool, silk, latex and cashmere, are layered on top to ensure that each bed provides the most sumptuous comfort, support and style for many years to come.