Electric Beds

Electric Beds

Aus-Furniture carries a vast array of electric beds and memory foam mattresses for the Australian market. From basic adjustable beds all the way up to the top of the range 4 motor electric beds with zero gravity and a massage feature.

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Electric beds, the advantages of sleeping on an electric adjustable bed.

Electric Adjustable beds allow your body to sleep and relax naturally and comfortably while also increasing flexibility in the potential usage of your bed.

In this modern age, the bed is no longer just somewhere to sleep, and with the advantage of an adjustable bed you can watch tv, catch up on the news or even update your social profiles all from the comfort of your very own oasis.

These beds are very helpful in ensuring that your health stays at its best possible level and are particularly useful for anyone suffering from indigestion, reflux or GERD.

Accidental acid reflux is significantly reduced or even eliminated, just by raising your head to an elevated position.

If you suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis, then sleeping in an elevated position makes a dramatic difference to your ability to breathe easily.

By finding your optimal sleeping position, electric beds can help in reducing back pain, improve blood circulation and relieve the pressure that occurs from sleeping in a horizontal position.

All this adds up to more comfort and a better, deeper and more refreshing sleep.

If you’re suffering from pains and aches as well, then consider upgrading to a built-in massage model. These adjustable beds have soothing massage motors that can independently massage your upper or lower body or sometimes both.

The built-in massage function will help you truly unwind from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and will improve blood flow and relieve tension before sleep.

In our fast-paced lives, it is no surprise that half the population endure back pain at some stage in life.

Several issues can cause back pain, including bad posture, injuries either accidental or sports-related or even just by stress, an electric adjustable bed with massage goes a long way towards helping these conditions for better sleep.

Other parts of your body also require support, and there can be a dramatic improvement to swelling and bad circulation in the legs, calves and feet in the Zero Gravity position of some models.

Neck, back, and shoulder pain are also much improved in this position.

Age should not be a barrier to mobility and independence and Aus-Furniture we firmly believe that there are fantastic solutions available to keep you comfortable and independent at all stages in life.

Choosing the correct model for you:

At Aus-Furniture, we can recommend the perfect model to suit your specific needs so that you can customise everything to your particular needs and preferences.

Options available include everything from the length and width of your new bed up to and including the type of mattress that you prefer.

Mattresses to suit electric beds include Latex, Memory Foam as well as Pocket Spring and Hybrid models.

The supplied remote control handset is very convenient and easy to use; you can comfortably raise or lower your feet and legs to hundreds of positions.

Spending time in bed is critical, and making that as comfortable as possible for you is our absolute priority!

Whether it's for better health, better sleep or even increased mobility; you will never want to sleep on anything other than an adjustable bed supplied by Aus-Furniture.

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