Lazy Boy Gallery

Lazy Boy Gallery

Aus-Furniture is a Lazy Boy in-store gallery as well as a clearance centre. Clearance Items are heavily discounted and available for immediate delivery. We often have over 50 clearance items for sale at any given time. To view all styles of Lazy Boy models, browse the collections online and select between fabric, leather and other options. To purchase clearance and non-clearance items, call us, and we will arrange a great price including delivery.

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If you are looking for Lazy Boy, you have come to the right place!

Aus-Furniture is a clearance centre for several famous brands including La-Z-Boy and carries over 100 Recliners of multiple brands in stock for immediate delivery.

Lazy Boy furniture is synonymous with the ultimate in comfort, but they do not just make furniture, they are renowned for their recliners, lift chairs as well as sofas and sectionals.

There are so many chairs, sofas and recliners to choose from that your living room will quickly undergo a comfort and style transformation.

Of course, if you are unsure of the perfect style take advantage of our free design services which are available via appointment in the comfort of your home.

Most varieties of recliners and chairs are available as either leather or fabric, and for the ultimate in comfort, there are leather lounge chairs as well as swivel chairs that even have an integrated footrest.

We deliver across Australia at fantastic rates, and you will always save money buying from our clearance centre.

Of course, if design inspiration or design services are your priority, then La-Z-Boy Galleries are a wonderful place to visit, and you can see our Gallery models by browsing Collections.

The Lazy Boy Difference.

We often get asked about the price difference of a La-Z-Boy and if it's worth the premium over the competition.

There are many differences between La-Z-Boy and other brand recliners, some of which are subtle but some of which are critical to ensuring long term reliability and comfort.

The first thing is that La-Z-Boy comes with uni-body frame construction.

This unique framing means that each side of your chair, all four sides, has been framed for structural integrity.

The difference and what you can compare that to is that every other recliner only has a three-sided frame, usually the side, the back, and the other side.

One of the differences of a genuine La-Z-Boy Recliner is the fact that it has a four-sided frame. A four-sided structure provides substantial strength in the back, framing on the sides and then the one place that the competitors don't have structural integrity, which is the top.

Four-Sided frames give us the most durable structure in the industry. Other brands framing has three sides and is nowhere near as stable.

Without four sides, there's nothing there to support your weight whenever you're getting up & sitting down.

Another thing that's different about a La-Z-Boy that you can't find on any other chair out there is the fact that you can recline the backrest of the chair while the footrest is down.

There's no other recliner out there that can do that, and you may ask yourself why is that important or how would I use that?

The benefit is that while you're sitting in the recliner at home and rocking, you can also recline back get to a slouched position so that you can rock while in a slouched posture watching TV.

In other brands, their option is nothing at all. It does not go back. The back of non-La-Z-Boy recliners is completely tied into the footrest.

A third difference is that La-Z-Boy is has a locking footrest. Any other recliner on the market has a spring-loaded footrest, and that means that with enough pressure it just goes back down, often unexpectedly.

With La-Z-Boy, on the other hand, the whole chair is going to come up; and is locked into place. The only way to release this mechanism is with the handle, making it much safer for young children and pets.

Numerous customers, have come in and told me they're back to buy their La-Z-Boy because they can't find a recliner this good anywhere else and they're replacing their La-Z-Boy after 15 plus years.

If you can get that kind of use out of your recliner, I'd say you've made a good investment.

To go back over some of the differences, you'll find with a La-Z-Boy Recliner versus the competition; you get a back that's able to recline while your footrest is down so you can still rock you can get comfortable.

You get total lumbar support from head to toe so you're going to have the back support you need and it's the only one in the industry that has that.

You get a four-sided frame which gives you a better structure the most durable framework in the industry.

Finally, you get contour cut foam versus a cotton fill that's going to provide you with support for many years.

Lazyboy Australia is a proud supporter of the Ronald McDonald House charity.