Lazy Boy Lift Chairs

Lazy Boy Lift Chairs

Lazy Boy Lift Chairs make life easy.

Aus-Furniture is a specialist lift chair retailer with an emphasis on quality Lazy Boy Recliner Lift Chairs.

Clearance priced models are on sale at remarkably affordable prices and can be delivered to you very quickly.

If you prefer to order a new chair in a wide variety of both leathers and fabrics, then browse the collections and call us to arrange a great price.

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Chairs and Recliner Lift Chairs

Lazy Boy chairs and lift chairs are the perfect way to maximise comfort, practicality and style. With the gentle push of the remote control buttons, you can go from seated to assisted standing and everything in between.

We carry over fifty lift chairs in stock for immediate delivery if required.

The perfect choice when you need that little extra help, these are the ideal solution for both comfort and convenience.

When plagued by medical issues such as arthritis, asthma, blood circulation issues and pain in the back or if you find that it’s difficult to get in or leave your chair than a recliner lift chair might be just what you need.

A recliner lift chair can assist you in getting in and out from the chair quickly by reclining and increasing to a seated or raised position, eliminating the requirement for you to lower or raise yourself both to and from the chair.

There is a variety of sizes and styles to choose from with some chairs having an extremely easy to engage push-button remote to allow you to get used to a comfy and appropriate position, while others have a simple button system integrated into the side of the chair.

In the unfortunate case of a blackout or power failure, most models have an inbuilt battery backup option as standard.

There are a variety of motor choices with the popular options being a single and dual motor style. The single motor chair will recline and lift you quickly and comfortably but doesn’t allow separate reclining of the backrest to the footrest, whereas on the twin motor chairs the back and footrests can be adjusted individually provided higher seating positions and convenience.

Before purchasing, there are factors to consider, including the degree of comfort and support required as well as the overall size and weight of the person using it. Recliner lift chairs are readily available in various sizes to suit almost any body type.

The chairs can even feature numerous extra functions and top of the line adjustable chairs can at times also include adjustable lumbar and neck support.

These chairs are readily accessible in a wide variety of finishes, including both fabric and leather and are offered in various colours and designs.