Sealy has a long history of making quality mattresses and bases. Sealy introduced its first Sealy Posturepedic brand mattress in the 1950's. It was the only mattress in the industry that focused on the importance of correct back support, designed in cooperation with Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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Ensuring a good night’s sleep for customers has always been one of the main aims at Sealy.

Australian-made beds and mattresses for over 75 Years built to the highest quality and have an unrivalled record of over 75 years of operation in Australia.

With this brand, a guarantee of quality and the famous range of Posturepedic mattresses have become the last word in back support.

Posturpedic beds are not just places to sleep but havens to relax. With a posturepedic mattress you both enjoy the comfort and support you need for a wonderful night’s sleep.

The famous Posturepedic range is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australians to a specified standard to bring you years of comfort and style.

Sealy of Australia is a wholly-owned company which began life as a furniture manufacturer in Brisbane in 1923.

The flagship “Posturepedic” brand has been the top bedding brand in the country for many years.

Decades of research and development in mattress technology secure Sealy at the top of mattress quality in Australia.

Customers are the beneficiaries of this technology as the current range of beds are the centre of this ongoing research and development.

What makes a Sealy mattress special?

Quality — Sealy mattresses are specially manufactured with no aspect of the process left to chance.

This means sticking to a time-honoured tradition of manufacture and ensuring that each component is subject to constant quality checking, revision and upgrading.

Testing — In addition, each component of our mattress is subjected to rigorous time, wear and fatigue testing, before release to the public.

Component performance — the performance of every component that goes to manufacture is pre tested and of consistent quality to ensue the highest quality finished product.

This means the outcomes are understood and the finished product is always produced at a level of excellence that is synonymous with Sealy.

No compromise — their guarantee to their customers is that the high quality of Sealy beds will never be compromised by the use of a lesser component.

The Posturepedic range — the flagship brand of the company — at Aus-Furniture comes in three different styles to suit your budget and bedding needs.

These are:

Posturepedic ‘Performance’ (Good)

Posturepedic ‘Premium’ (Better)

Posturepedic ‘Exquisite’ (Best)

The Posturepedic range provides a great night’s sleep to get you started for the day by giving you an orthopedically correct support system.

This is based on:

Premium materials to provide support and relieve pressure for undisturbed sleep. Inbuilt orthopaedic designed cushioning to give your body full support.

This is highlighted by Their superior edge support system technology. Sleep is one of life’s great needs and essential for good health and vigour.

Durability in design and manufacture which gives both great support and comfort over a number of years.

The cutting edge Posturepedic "Dual Support System" offers not just one kind of support but also to ensure comfort.

One of the main features of a restful and relaxing night is a good mattress, one that will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Their mattresses are designed to stand out from the rest with their attention to design and detail.

When we sleep our body weight is distributed and it is this and gravity which cause the spinal column to be gently stretched.

A quality mattress such as Posturepedic is needed to compensate for this stretching and provide support where necessary.

While beds may look similar, knowing the time-worn technology that goes into the production of a Posturepedic mattress is a guarantee of comfort as well as style. This attention to detail and pride in workmanship is the reason they set the standard in Australia for quality, comfortable and supportive bedding.

Sealy Australia provides a guarantee on workmanship for each of its mattresses.

For more information on this and other useful information such as care of your Posturepedic contact your expert at anytime.