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Moran Aniline Leather

Genuine Moran Leather unveils a spectrum of leather qualities, each showcasing distinct attributes.

Among the finest, Moran Leathers symbolises uncompromising luxury, embodying a fusion of aesthetic appeal and enduring quality.

They are the epitome of elegance, offering a tactile richness that ages gracefully, akin to a cherished narrative that unfolds with time.

Moran H1 Sterling Leather

Sterling is a corrected grain leather that marries durability with a soft touch, making it a pragmatic choice for daily use. Its colourfastness and UV protection testify to its high performance, a shield against the harsh whims of nature.

Balancing Durability and Aesthetic Appeal Corrected Grain leather undergoes surface treatment to amend natural imperfections, rendering a more uniform appearance.


  • Durability: Corrected grain leather is durable, making it a practical choice for daily use.
  • Maintenance: It's relatively easier to maintain than other leather types.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It's more affordable while offering a luxurious feel.
  • UV Protection: Its treated surface protects against UV rays and discolouration.


  • Aesthetic Authenticity: It may need a more authentic, natural appeal of full-grain leather.
  • Breathability: The surface coating may reduce breathability.
  • Aging: It may not develop a rich patina over time as full-grain leather does.

Corrected grain leather is a happy medium offering durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

However, it may fail to deliver the authentic leather experience some enthusiasts seek.

Moran H2 Premium Leather

Moran premium leather is a semi-aniline leather crafted to focus on body and fullness, topped with a silky coat.

Its subtle tone-on-tone pigment effect adds a dynamic visual appeal, while the extended tumble milling renders a uniquely moisturised, silky-smooth finish.


  • Natural Look: Retains the natural look of leather while offering some protection against spillages.
  • Softness: Has a soft, supple feel due to the light surface coating.
  • Colour Consistency: The pigment offers more colour consistency than aniline leather.


  • Less Breathable: The surface coating reduces breathability compared to aniline leather but more than Corrected Grain.
  • Maintenance: Requires a balanced maintenance routine to keep its luxurious feel.
  • Cost: Typically, it is more expensive due to the natural look and a protective coating balance.

Semi-Aniline leather strikes a balance between preserving the natural aesthetics of leather and providing a level of protection that makes it suitable for everyday use.

Moran H2 Antique Leather.

Antique leather, textured and semi-corrected, boasts a two-toned hand-applied colour rub, producing a rich depth of colour.

The leather lightens in crucial contact areas as it ages, enhancing its classic charm, especially on diamond-buttoned furniture.

Antique leather captivates with its vintage charm and unique aging aesthetics, a choice for those valuing a blend of history and style in their upholstery.


  • Unique Color Depth: Two-toned hand-applied colour rub creates a rich colour depth.
  • Aesthetic Aging: Lightens in crucial contact areas over time, adding to its vintage look.


  • Maintenance: Requires a diligent maintenance routine to preserve its antique look.
  • Cost: Generally, it is more expensive due to its unique finishing and aging properties.
  • Less Uniform: The hand-applied colour rub might produce less uniformity in colour and texture.

Moran H3 Vintage Leather

Moran Vintage aniline leather is the zenith of soft touch, flaunting a fine grain and silky finish that is nothing short of luxury. Its elegant colour palette is a nod to current trend forecasts.


  • Natural Aesthetics: Retains the natural look and feel of leather.
  • Softness: Known for its soft touch and fine grain.
  • Colour Richness: It offers an elegant colour palette that is aligned with current trends.


  • Maintenance: Requires meticulous care to maintain its look and feel.
  • Cost: Generally, it is more expensive due to its premium quality and finish.
  • Susceptibility to Stains: More prone to stains and spillages due to its porous nature.

Vintage Aniline leather is synonymous with luxury, presenting a soft, natural look that appeals to those with a discerning taste for quality and aesthetics.

Why Moran Leathers?

Unmatched Quality

The superior quality of Moran leathers offers a promise of durability and style, a proper investment for those seeking to blend comfort with luxury[^10].

Health and Comfort

The gentle caress of Moran leathers against the skin is a luxury and a boon for comfort, aiding in relaxation and overall well-being[^11].

Aesthetically Pleasing

Moran leather is a visual delight with various colours and textures, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.


Moran Sterling Leathers: A perfect blend of durability and style, ideal for modern homes seeking a sophisticated touch[^26].

Moran Antique Leathers: The classic charm of this leather is unparalleled, especially when adorned on a diamond buttoned sofa, exuding an old-world charm[^27].

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

How is the beauty of Moran leather maintained?

Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and occasional conditioning will keep Moran leathers looking pristine.

Where can I view the Moran Leather collection?

View all Moran leathers on our product pages or explore the Moran furniture leather collections and find the perfect match for your home.

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Moran H2 Antique Leather Specialty textured leather; semi-aniline and semi-corrected with a unique two-toned hand-applied colour rub.  Aus-Furniture
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