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Sleep Cool Stay Cool
MLILY AirFoam is non temperature sensitive, so it does not trap body heat like traditional memory foam. The heat escapes faster down to the pocket spring layer, to offer a cooler and more comfortable sleep without feeling like you are stuck in the mattress.

Zero-pressure Experience
Zero-pressure sleep is all about reducing and relieving tension on your body's pressure points and the MLILY AirFoam hybrid mattresses perform at a higher relief standard than traditional memory foam or coil mattresses.

Do Not Disturb
MLILY AirFoam in conjunction with classic pocket springs provides non partner disturbance, allowing you or your partner to move around freely without any disturbance.

Longer Memory
MLILY AirFoam is absolute high-resilience foam, proven to have more durability than traditional memory foam, providing you with better memory that will recover quicker and is developed to reduce sagging over time. Combined with classic pocket springs your hybrid mattress will last longer than others with traditional memory foam.

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