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Welcome to the Official Moran Furniture Clearance Centre, the best place to buy your next Moran leather Lounge or Sofa.

When John Moran started Moran Furniture he had a simple goal to hand craft the best quality furniture available in Australia.

That goal was readily achieved with all Moran Furniture models crafted for the ultimate in style and enduring design.

Moran specialise in all manner of Sofas, Lounges and Modular pieces including pieces such as the now famous Brando 2 seater sofa as well as items you wouldn't expect like a Leather Sofa Bed with innerspring mattress.

Regardless of whether you are after a recliner or a sofa Moran have many leather designs and styles to choose from.

From comfortable Manual action to top of the range electric leather recliners Moran has it all and rest assured with any purchase of Moran Furniture you will get a formal written guarantee for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Enduring Comfort

Any sofa can make you feel comfortable for a little while.

Even sitting on a fallen tree trunk can do that.

But to keep you comfortable for long periods of time, without you having to wriggle around and constantly move your position takes more than eye-catching styling.

It takes science and engineering.

Sit in a Moran ergonomically designed sofa and more than your muscles relax.

Your blood supply begins to circulate more freely.

Your back relaxes as your spine is gently supported in the right place and at the correct angle.

It is this degree of comfort that enables your body to truly rejuvenate. 

Benchmark Craftsmanship

Moran’s attention to detail on every aspect of construction is never compromised.

Moran furniture products are always bespoke.

They are constructed for each individual customer using only the finest practice.

Moran puts the finest materials to work using the highest standard of craftsmanship.

This is the guarantee of your investment in Moran. 

True Value for Money

Style without long-term comfort is simply a waste of money.

A cheap sofa is exactly that: a cheap sofa.

It’s false economy.

True value comes from quality that lasts.

Moran sofas, because of their construction and attention to detail outlast inferior ones many times over.

And offer better quality comfort to boot.

The Moran standard is nothing short of excellent.

Thus, it can cost a little more up front, but Moran offers the quality that can survive a growing family and still look magnificent for generations to come. 

10 Year Guaranteed Frame

Moran sofas and chairs begin with structural frames featuring solid, close grain, hardwood that is kiln dried to ensure it doesn’t bend or twist in years to come.

Moran frame joints are blocked, double dowelled, glued and screwed to provide lifelong strength.

Moran’s structural hardwood frames, combined with the latest structural composite materials, offer a 10 Year guarantee for both commercial and domestic furniture.