Moran Furniture Alfa 520 Fjord Recliner

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Configuration: Fjord Recliner Regular
Fjord Recliner Options: Push Back
Covering: Leather from
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ALFA 520 Fjord Recliner

Comfortable and compact reclining chair, compact and versatile with manual recline and separate footrest. Available in standard and large sizes. Includes a swivel timber disk base.

Standard inclusions:

  • Push Back action
  • Push back + Man. Headrest (60cm wall recline space required)
  • Separate footrest
  • Telescopic headrest + tilt
  • Swivel action

Regular Fjord Recliner
W770 x D790 x H970mm

Large Fjord Recliner
W820 x D840 x H1030mm

W495 x D470 x H513mm

Leather Only.

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