Moran Furniture Pilot Recline Sofa

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Configuration: 2 Seat
SofaOptions: Flick Glide
Covering: Fabric from
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How To Order Your Pilot

Order Online - Full Payment Required

Configure your Fabric or Leather choice using the samples above and Checkout with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal and more.

Order Via Telephone - Only 25% Deposit Required

If you prefer a fabric not shown on this page, or for other enquiries, then please Call us on 1300 619 374 and ask for the man, the myth, the legend Peter.

(Read his Google Reviews Below)

The Moran Difference

Moran Furniture prides itself on its bespoke made product.

Each Moran piece is expertly crafted using the finest materials and best practice methods.

This is the only way to deliver a prestigious level of style and comfort, qualities which often fall short with manufacturers that use mass production techniques.

Dimensions and Configurations

The Moran Pilot is available in the configurations shown in the image.

A Classic Soft Arm Recliner

The Pilot is luxurious with a modern edge, designed for sumptuous comfort and tasteful styling.

The Pilot is Tailor Stitched to Detail.



PILOT Recline Sofa

A luxurious sofa with a modern edge, the Pilot is the perfect blend of sumptuous comfort and tasteful styling. Characterized by its strong, tapered silhouette, generous high back and softly curved, luxuriously padded arms, the Pilot will make a statement in any room. Featuring a dual waterfall style back with a smaller padded zone headrest, this stylish design is replicated in the pop out reclining footrest.

Standard inclusions:

  • Flick Glide (20cm wall space required) not seniors friendly
  • Leg rest fully raises then you can push back rest to any position
  • Some leg strength required to return leg rest to closed position


  • Power Glide (20cm wall recline space required)
  • Leg rest fully raises then backrest reclines

2 Seat Twin Flick Glide Sofa
W1670 x D950 x H1060mm

2 Seat Twin Power Glide Sofa
W1670 x D950 x H1060mm

3 Seat Twin Flick Glide Sofa
W2220 x D950 x H1060mm

3 Seat Twin Power Glide Sofa
W2220 x D950 x H1060mm

Since 1950, Moran has been creating exceptional bespoke upholstered furniture through meticulous craftsmanship.

Quality is never compromised, and they take their time to ensure that every piece is made to perfection.

Lead Time: Bespoke
Please allow approximately 12 weeks for custom manufacturing and delivery of bespoke handmade Moran pieces.

Please note that if you prefer to order via the telephone, we will take a 25% Deposit, and the payment balance is only required when your Moran is delivered or dispatched to you.

Lead Time (Ready to Ship)
We have a selection of Moran models that can be shipped within two weeks.

Lead Time (Clearance and Local Stock)
As Moran's largest Australian dealer, we carry a variety of chairs, accent chairs, and sofas available for immediate delivery.

Fully Customizable
Moran offers 100% custom-made bespoke items that can be covered in an endless variety of fabrics. The product customizer (red button above) displays popular fabric and leather choices, but you are not limited to these.

If you have a specific fabric in mind that is not displayed, please contact us.

Different fabrics may vary in price, but we strive to accommodate all requests.

For popular cover and leg options, please refer to the product customizer (red button above)

For anything else, please contact our Moran specialist, Peter, on 1300 619 374 or 0413 477 554

Years of Confidence with Moran Furniture

When you choose Moran, you're not just buying furniture but investing in a promise. It is a promise that Moran stands by their craftsmanship for a full 10 years from the day it arrives at your doorstep.

Industry Leading Support for Frames

Moran's steel and timber frames are built to last. They guarantee against breakage for 10 years (5 years for Fjords by Moran).

Years of Comfort with Cushion Inserts & Fibre Filling

Moran's cushion inserts and fibre fillings, including SpringCell, Dunlop Enduro, and Dacron, are covered for 5 years.

Please note it's normal for foam and fibre fillings to compact over time with regular use.

Mechanisms That Stand the Test of Time

Moran's recliner mechanisms, including steel springs, are covered for 5 years (10 years for Fjords by Moran).

Moran is there for you, and they're committed to keeping your Moran furniture as beautiful and comfortable as the day you bought it.

Beautiful Leathers and Fabrics

Moran's leather covers are protected against tearing and cracking, and fabric covers against seam slippage, fraying, and dye transfers for 2 years. Upgradeable to 5 Years with accidental damage protection.

The Sign of Genuine High-Grade Leather
Natural characteristics such as veins, wrinkles, or variations in grain or colour are proof of genuine leather and are not considered defects.

Most customers that don't choose leather for their Moran specify Moran or Warwick Fabrics and occasionally James Dunlop or Mokum textiles.

Relevant warranties will apply, but these too can be upgraded to 5 Years, including accidental damage protection.

Imagine that? You spill the red wine or coffee, and someone comes and cleans it for you in your home!

With a legacy of over 60 years, Moran Furniture has continually evolved to reflect the tastes and trends that resonate with Australians.

As their premier retailer, we share this commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, ensuring your shopping experience with us is second to none.

Vintage Leather - Full Aniline

Full Aniline leather is a natural-looking leather that retains unique surface characteristics such as pores and scars.
It is dyed by immersing the hide in a dye bath without any additional polymers or pigments, which allows the surface to maintain its natural look.
Only the top 5% of hides are used for aniline leather due to the visibility of all surface marks.

Moran Furniture - Frequently Asked Questions

We carry a selection of Moran Furniture in stock for fast delivery; however, due to the vast selection of Moran Leathers and Warwick Fabrics, most Moran is made to order.

If you would like to know what Moran is in stock or have other enquiries about Moran, please call 1300 619 374 or 0413 477 554, and Peter, our Moran Specialist, will help.

We cover Moran Furniture pieces in Most Warwick Fabrics.

The pricing and selection of fabrics shown on this page apply to any Warwick Fabric you select on this page or in the Orange / Yellow or Green Price Grade.

Blue, Blue/Black, Black or Red price-grade Warwick Fabrics would need to be quoted as they can cost substantially more.

If you visit the Warwick website at, you can filter the collection pricing by colour price grade.

Once you select upholstery off their main menu, you are presented with choices, and one of the choices at the bottom is price range.

By ticking the appropriate boxes, you can filter this to the orange / yellow and green price ranges to maintain the same prices shown on this page.

If you need help with Fabric selections or have other enquiries about Moran, please call 1300 619 374 or 0413 477 554, and Peter, our Moran Specialist, will assist you.

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